Travertine Tiled floor Refresh in Wynyard

I was recently asked to pop over to a large house on the Wynyard estate near Wolviston where a customer with a beautiful Travertine Tiled Kitchen floor needed some help to put the shine back on their tiles.

It seems their cleaner had been using the wrong cleaning product on the tiles and it being mildly acidic had started to dull the lustre. Naturally I can’t name the product in this post but you do see it advertised on TV quite a lot and if you read the label at the back it clearly states for use on Ceramic tiles and unfortunately will eat into the sealer with frequent use and will eventually cause holes to appear in natural stone.

Travertine Tile in Wynyard Before

Cleaning Travertine Tile

To restore the shine I first give the floor a quick clean with Neutral Cleaner to remove any debris that might get trapped under the rotary machine and scratch the floor, Neutral Cleaner is a frequent use cleaning product designed for use on sealed stone.

The next step was to burnish the floor using the diamond encrusted burnishing pad system starting with the red pad and water to clean the tiles and remove any topical sealers that may have been present. This was continued with the white and yellow pads using nothing but water and then with a stiff grout cleaning brush and a weak solution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean along the grout lines to make sure all the grout was thoroughly cleaned. The last step of the cleaning process was to rinse the floor of any dirt picked up by the pads and then when the floor was dry I used a green polishing pad to add more shine to the floor.

Sealing Travertine Tile

To protect the travertine it was sealed using a single coat of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is an impregnating sealer that brings out the natural colour in stone and in this case it definitely brought up the brown shades in the travertine tile. Once it was all dry again I buffed it up again using a soft white buffing pad.

Travertine Tile in Wynyard After

We maintain all types of tiled floors from Ceramic and Porcelain through to Marble, Terracotta and Travertine so if you live in the Teesside and surrounding areas do get in touch for a free evaluation of your floor.

Travertine Tiled floor maintenance in Teesside

Travertine Tiled floor Refresh in Wynyard

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  1. Always read the label, you simply can’t use domestic cleaning products on sealed stone like Travertine, Limestone or Marble as even weak acid cleaners will erode the protection of the sealer over time.

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